Photo courtesy of Ethos.

Ethos Cannabis is looking for research subjects in Pittsburgh.

The medical marijuana dispensary opened on Nov. 24 at 470 Home Dr. in Robinson Township. Ethos is one of eight Clinical Registrant (CR) licensees in Pennsylvania that is conducting ongoing research related to medical cannabis. The site collaborates in its research efforts with the Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University, which is one of the country’s leading medical schools and is certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Health as a Medical Marijuana Academic Clinical Research Center. The Philadelphia-based operator plans to add two more Pittsburgh locations in the next few months.

Visitors with a Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Card will find a full assortment of medical marijuana products offered in the state, along with staff members who can answer questions, recommend products and help with folks find what they need.

“We want to provide a comfortable and welcoming place for anyone to learn about cannabis products and their applications,” says Mike Bibbey, vice president of marketing with Ethos. “We believe that we can use our expertise to empower people to make smart choices about their health and provide a comfortable experience that reduces stigma and barriers typically associated with cannabis use.”

Patients and caregivers can register for Ethos research studies by visiting a dispensary or signing up on the website.

Photo courtesy of Ethos.

There is currently a set of focus groups and a longitudinal study underway. Upcoming studies are being prepared to more closely address specific medical conditions and applications for medical marijuana as part of a treatment program. The time commitment for each participant is minimal, but will vary depending on the specifics of the individual research study.

If people meet the criteria for one of the studies, they will be contacted by the university researchers. More than 200 patients are enrolled in current studies and there are roughly 400 patients who have expressed interest in participating. Bibbey says he hopes to have thousands of Pennsylvanians enrolled within the next six months.

Ethos, founded in 2019, opened its first dispensary in January 2020. The name is a Greek word meaning “character” and is used to describe guiding beliefs of an organization or a group of people. Today, Ethos operates 10 dispensaries around the country with six more on the way.

“We believe that cannabis has a rightful place in society and that people have a right to choose the way they feel and a right to choose to use cannabis as part of their lifestyle,” Bibbey says.

Kristy Locklin is a North Hills-based writer. When she's not busy reporting, she enjoys watching horror movies and exploring Pittsburgh's craft beer scene.