2018 UpPrize winners celebrating on Oct. 11, 2018. Photo by NEXT staff.

Diversity is not generally considered Pittsburgh’s strong suit, but a new study indicates that the city’s booming tech scene is changing that.

Of the top 50 tech hubs in North America, Pittsburgh was ranked first as the most diverse in CBRE Group Inc.’s annual “Scoring Tech Talent Report.”

The Dallas-based commercial real estate and investment giant looked at America’s top tech hubs, and found that Pittsburgh has some unique qualities. Pittsburgh has the highest percentage of women who have completed tech degrees, accounting for 30.9% of degrees awarded in the market.

Kelauni Jasmyn and Sean Sebastian. Photo by Jonathan Brown of Black Tech Nation Ventures.

“For underrepresented race/ethnic groups, the most diverse tech talent markets were Pittsburgh, Charlotte, Nashville, Atlanta and Rochester,” notes the report.

The city’s tech labor force has increased 10.7% since 2015, and the average wage has increased 15.1% to $88,685.

Pittsburgh was ranked 4th overall for small-market tech hubs (behind Columbus, Calgary and Orlando).

While Pittsburgh, Charlotte and Nashville have the most diverse tech talent workforce, San Antonio, Greater Los Angeles/Orange County and Austin have the least diverse, says the report. Washington, D.C., had the highest relative share of females, and Cleveland had the lowest share.

Read the full report here.

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