Todd Wolynn and Chad Hermann. Photo courtesy of Jeff Swensen for People.

Newsflash: kids don’t like shots.

In fact, most adults don’t like them, either.

Yet they’re the best way out of a pandemic that has killed more than 600,000 Americans. But how to convince even the most reluctant to get them?

A Pittsburgh doctor, of Greenfield-based Kids Plus Pediatrics, is battling vaccine fears and disinformation online by singing, dancing and reaching out to those who get their information from TikTok.

This week, People magazine featured physician Todd Wolynn and Kids Plus Communications Director Chad Hermann and their unusual way of spreading accurate information about vaccines.

“I started taking singing lessons over a year ago,” Wolynn, 55, told People. “I want people to have accurate information about vaccines, and if singing and dancing helps get it out there, I’m thrilled.”

Wolynn and Hermann have actually been doing this for years — making a “Hamilton”-inspired flu vaccine song, while wearing a crown and a robe, and dressing up as “Vaxx-Man and Robin.”

In 2018, the pair launched Shots Heard Round the World, a nonprofit international network of more than 1,400 medical professionals that’s “a rapid-response digital cavalry dedicated to protecting the social media pages of health care providers and practices.”

“When anti-vaxxers attack, we fight back” is their motto.

Read the full story by Morgan Smith in People here.

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